Violence is a simple, powerful means of communication, it is a currency…

Prevent Pre-Event Program

Prevent Pre-event training saves lives.

Each of our purpose-built training courses allows you and your personnel the ability to read the human terrain in order to predict, detect, avoid or mitigate dangerous threats. Our proprietary training pairs sense-making and problem-solving skills & abilities with predictive analysis to create a legal and ethical bias for action.

Coupled with our psychological de-escalation components, this training makes your employees, critical infrastructure and clients or patrons safer, smarter, and harder to kill.

Our programs give you the Cognitive Edge!

Applications of Prevent Pre-Event Training
  • Client-centric Situational Awareness training courses
  • Predictive analysis and prevention of Workplace Violence
  • De-escalation Strategies for Law Enforcement
  • Situational Awareness development of employees
  • Irregular Warfare applications
  • Aviation / UAV Operations
  • Remote Camera surveillance operations
  • Border Security Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement
  • Secure facility protection (Banking, Oil and Gas, Prisons, Port and Harbors, etc.)
  • Aviation Security-Enhanced Optical Capability
  • Educational facilities, College Campuses, and State-run education facilities
  • Predictive analysis and prevention of Insider Threats
  • Maritime Security / Port Security and Vessel Board and Search Operations
  • Personal and Family security
  • Training for teenagers prior to leaving home (For camp, college, vacation, work, and vocational opportunities, etc.)
  • Executive and Dignitary protection
  • Banking and Insurance anti-fraud operations/interviews
  • Retail Loss Prevention
  • Jury selection processes
  • Corporate and Transportation Security
  • Predictive analysis of ‘active shooters’ for schools
  • Surveillance/Counter surveillance operations

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Military & U.S. Government
L.E./First Responder & Security
Education & Faith-Based Institutions
Public & Private Organizations