Arcadia Cognerati

Training Changes Behavior

Who We Are

Arcadia Cognerati is a small, agile team of world-renowned Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis experts. We are a consulting firm that specializes in assessing, developing, and conducting training and education programs to address urgent safety and security needs.

What We Do

Arcadia Cognerati developed a Human Behavior-based threat detection system that gives you the gift of Time and Distance!

The majority of training and education available throughout the globe provides you with the skills necessary to REACT to high-stress incidents.

Our exclusive, proprietary Prevent Pre-Event programs, train you to be both PREDICTIVE and PROACTIVE, thereby giving you the ability to completely avoid, prevent, or mitigate a catastrophic event.

Arcadia Cognerati offers unique and innovative purpose-built training and education programs for individuals, families, schools, foreign and domestic corporations, the Military, Law Enforcement, and Security community, as well the U.S. Government. We also offer subject matter expertise, training, and education programs for Colleges, Universities and the scientific community. 


What We Believe

No matter your duties within your organization, security is everyone’s responsibility.

Increasing your security posture by adding armed guards, dogs, or alarm systems, means that you are willing to invest in At Bang thinking. As a result, you are merely hoping that the semblance of security will act as adequate prevention.

In other words, you are not attempting to mitigate danger you are simply trying to manage it.

Increasing your security posture by training and educating your front-line personnel is an investment in danger prediction, prevention, and mitigation.

That’s true Left-of-Bang thinking! 

Arcadia Cognerati proudly supports Carry The Load