What people are saying

Some of the reviews from our past clients.

“Marines look at the entire world differently when they come out of this course (Combat Hunter). This is how we’re going to win this war by having people who can look at the world differently. It’s not going to be through technology, a new radio or new tank or new gun.” 

– General James Mattis, USMC

“I have over 20 years of experience and I think we need to get all admin trained in this. Excellent use of attention getters and the audience was focused. Perfect reviews of the important information at the end of each learning segment. All of the teachers in our district need this training.”

-Assistant Principal

“Outstanding. 100% relevant training for any of us who interact with humans. Highly important for reading the environment, reading people and situations we deal with. It provides articulable science behind why we know what we know and feel during interactions.”

-SWAT Team Leader with 23 years of service

“This course taught me invaluable lessons in understanding human behavior and reading the signs leading up to a dangerous event. Not once during this training course did I tune out or lose interest.”


“The instructors were awesome. Mad respect for them. This was the best training course I have ever been through and the information was easy to follow and very informative.”    

-Fire Department Lieutenant