Challenging problems require creative solutions.

We replicate how humans actually learn – at home, on the job, through experience and interaction with other humans and environmental factors. Our results are remarkable when compared against traditional training approaches.

OUR Methodology

Our programs provide a systematic approach to understanding key factors of the physical and human terrain. They enable course attendees to anticipate likely events and make proactive decisions in a chaotic situation in timely manner.

Each program instills an Advanced Critical Thinking mindset that is designed to foster and create a high-speed legal, moral, & ethical decision making framework that will fit existing protocols and procedures at your organization.

OUR Pedagogy

Our unique, dynamic, and interactive pedagogy is specifically designed to cover the most likely situations that may be encountered by your personnel.

The training examples and practical exercises take into account the most likely venues where your professionals operate.

“Training Changes Behavior”

Who needs our training?

Whether you are a school Administrator, first responder, law enforcement professional, military professional, security professional, parent, church Elder or captain of industry, your safety & security and that of your family, clients, personnel and those you are sworn to serve are your real bottom-line.

No matter your specialty, field of expertise, or operating environment; your supervisors, employees, officers, students, and critical infrastructure may be performing below their safety and security potential.

Why do you need this training?

Even though as humans we were designed specifically to be able to react to threat arousal triggers hidden in our environment; socialization, globalization, advances in electronic communication and the diminished length of direct human contact and interaction have retarded these essential abilities. We have “cognitively devolved” over time.

What will I get from this training?

After receiving our training, your increase in cognitive acumen, observation, and perception skills will allow you to process your environment faster, make better decisions under stress, and mitigate issues before they arise.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities you will learn, coupled with our unprecedented psychological de-escalation techniques, create a proprietary and financially achievable training strategy.

Find out what we can do for you.

Military & U.S. Government
Police/First Responders & Security
Education & Faith Based Institutions