What people are saying about Brian

Brian Marren has a long history of providing expert instruction in both the USG and private sector; he possesses an excellent interpersonal skill set and can function at a high capacity as both an individual operating alone, and as an integrated member of a team; and he exhibits high intelligence, common sense, street smarts and a likable personality.

I have personally witnessed his actions ranging from humanitarian assistance to high intensity combat lasting several hours. His performance was simply outstanding.

Brian Marren’s teaching skills are exemplary. His attention to detail and passion made him stand out of a group of the best, most qualified Military training instructors in the world.

Who is Brian Marren?

Brian is a decorated Marine, High Threat Protection security professional and Subject Matter Expert on Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis. He has spent the last seventeen years conducting both real world and training operations all over the United States, the Middle East and both Central and East Asia. Brian is a highly experienced, highly motivated professional that has the ability to adapt to any environment whether he is on the battlefield, in a classroom or at a board meeting.

While in the Marine Corps, Brian served as a Marine Scout/Sniper with multiple combat deployments to the Al Anbar Province of Iraq during the height of counterinsurgency operations. As a Team Leader, he successfully led hundreds of both combat and training missions. During this time, Brian was meritoriously promoted ahead of his peers on three separate occasions due to his leadership capability and overall professionalism.

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Brian was hired by Cubic Applications to be a Tactics Analyst at the newly constructed Infantry Immersive Trainer (IIT) aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. During his time at the IIT Brian trained and advised thousands of Marines on how to make better tactical decisions during highly complex and chaotic live fire training exercises. Under his guidance, thousands of Marines became more adaptable and better at sense making during highly stressful situations. While working as an instructor, Brian assisted with a number of scientific studies conducted by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Pacific Science and Engineering (PSE) in order to help determine the efficacy of the Infantry Immersive Trainer and the Marine Corps Combat Hunter program.

Brian also worked as a security contractor for the U.S. State Department High Threat Protection program. During this time, he was responsible for personally protecting hundreds of U.S. Government personnel in multiple high threat environments including Iraq and Afghanistan. Brian performed all major duties of a security detail to include leading numerous small teams on highly sensitive protection operations.

Brian formally worked as a Senior Instructor/Team Leader for Orbis Operations. Brian taught Advanced Situational Awareness, Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis to numerous Tier One military clients, conventional forces, and private sector clients. During Brian’s tenure at Orbis Operations, LLC, Brian trained hundreds of Law Enforcement Professionals to include US Border Patrol, DEA, ICE, TSA, US Marshals and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Brian holds a Masters of Science in Applied Psychology from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Arizona State University.

Brian continues to serve the veteran community as both an Ambassador for Carry The Load but also as a board member for Crusades 22.