“We need to Open our Eyes, Soften our Hearts, and Harden our Schools.”

Insider Threats

One of the worst types of attacks that can happen is called an Insider Threat attack.

This is when a fellow schoolmate, co-worker, family member, parishioner or member of your community inflicts harm on you or your loved ones. 

Whether it’s a child who brings a weapon to school, a coach that takes advantage of a student, or a family member that harms someone else or themselves, all of these attacks are devastating.

With the right training, these attacks are preventable!

Smarter, Faster, Stronger & Harder to Victimize!

Our proprietary methodology coupled with our dynamic and exciting delivery method is the only program proven to work. 

We train people on how to proactively look for anomalies in their environment and quickly determine whether or not it is a significant observation.

Whether you’re looking to protect yourself, your family or your community, this intuitive skillset can be used in any encounter you have with another human being.