Greg Williams

Greg Williams is the former Director of Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis / Irregular Warfare for CUBIC Applications, San Diego, California USA and for Orbis Operations, LLC, in McLean, Virginia USA. Greg is the current Director of Training and Innovation for Arcadia Cognerati, LLC in Gunnison, Colorado USA. 

Greg created Combat Profiling and the Combat Profiling Program of Instruction (POI) and the USJFCOMs highly successful Border Hunter Program of Instruction (POI). Greg was the architect of the US Marine Corps highly successful Combat Hunter program. The programs Greg Williams developed [Combat Profiling, HBPR&A (Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis), ASAT (Advanced Situational Awareness Training), MASAT (Maritime Advanced Situational Awareness Training), SOFSAT (Special Operational Forces Advanced Situational Awareness Training), ITSAT Insider Threat Situation Awareness Training)] are scientifically and academically vetted and Combat tested (Iraq, Afghanistan, HOA) and currently used by many DoD Agencies, US Forces, and Homeland Defense partners. Greg has provided training to NATO, UN forces, ISAF and numerous others inside and outside ‘the wire’.

Greg Williams integrated the best practices of the Combat Hunter & Border Hunter principles coupled with proven battlefield decision-making and irregular warfare instruction from across the Joint services. 

Greg’s goal was to enhance the ability of individuals and small teams to address irregular challenges by training enhanced observation, battlefield sense-making, and human terrain pattern recognition & analysis, and constant, real time ‘Left of Bang’ environmental analysis.   

Greg’s non-materiel / non-technical solutions for CIED, Insider Threats, Counter-Sniper Operations, combating suicide and mitigating sexual assault and sexual harassment have been cited in scientific studies and white papers in JIEDDO, ONR, ARI, NATO & the former JFCOM and in many DoD publications. 

Greg Williams is a decorated, veteran urban law enforcement professional and a decorated, veteran former soldier with over 35 years of combined experience and expertise. Greg serves as an adjunct professor of Sociology and is known as an industry expert in Irregular Warfare and Human Behavior for the Defense Community.