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Greg Williams Associated Press Interview

Unveiled for reporters this week, the program “Combat Hunter” teaches human behavioral analysis, law enforcement profiling techniques and big game hunting and tracking practices. The AP’s John Mone followed the program that puts Marines through the paces of identifying and tracking an enemy without firing a shot. 

Brian Marren on the Mentors For Military Podcast

We’ve all heard about situational awareness or have been told to “keep your head on a swivel” in certain situations. According to former USMC Sniper and Subject Matter Expert on Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis, Brian Marren, a better term is informed awareness. Listen in to find out why.

USMC Combat Hunter Video

Combat Hunter is the creation of a mindset through integration of enhanced observation, combat profiling and combat tracking skills in order to produce a more ethically minded, tactically cunning and lethal Marine better prepared to succeed across the Range of Military Operations. As persistent collectors, they systematically observe and profile the environment, collecting more relevant information from the human, social, and physical terrains and report information of greater relevance and potential intelligence value. Combat hunter trained Marine enables more efficient analysis and prioritization of collected information, thus increasing tactical tempo and operational momentum.

Profiling has often been given a negative perspective. In this episode of Borne the Battle, Marine Corps Veteran Brian Marren explains how Human Behavior Pattern Recognition and Analysis is a scientific form of human behavior profiling, and how it’s not based on race or religion but rather on how all humans behave.

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The ancient Greeks believed that every person has it within them to be a hero. They defined a hero as a protector; someone who has the ability to not only look after himself or herself, but also to look after someone else. They have the physical abilities, the knowledge, and the desire to serve. The core strengths of the hero are compassion, love and a commitment to something bigger than themselves. Law enforcement is a profession of heroes and Winning Mind Training’s mission is to serve those heroes through practical, engaging and life changing seminars and workshops

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