Who is Shelly Williams?

Shelly Williams is the Chief Executive Officer of Arcadia Cognerati, a Colorado LLC designing innovative training solutions for global clients. Shelly is the former Instructor Trainer and a Senior Instructor of Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis, for Orbis Operations in McLean, Virginia.

Shelly is the former Senior Instructor of the HBPR&A programs for CUBIC Applications in San Diego, California. Shelly was a Combat Profiling Senior Instructor and was instrumental in the development of the Combat Profiling Program of Instruction (POI), the Combat Hunter Program of Instruction and the USJFCOMs highly successful Border Hunter Program of Instruction (POI). 

Shelly Williams has worked as a subject matter expert and team leader on various human behavior programs [Combat Profiling, HBPR&A (Human Behavior Pattern Recognition & Analysis), ASAT® (Advanced Situational Awareness Training), MASAT®  (Maritime Advanced Situational Awareness Training), SOFSAT®  (Special Operational Forces Advanced Situational Awareness Training] which are scientifically and academically vetted and Combat tested (Iraq, Afghanistan, HOA) and currently used by many DoD Agencies, US Forces, and Homeland Defense partners. Shelly was lead instructor on numerous courses targeting sexual harassment, human trafficking and pre-event suicidal behaviors.

Shelly Williams assisted in the development of the Lioness Program for the USMC’s SOTG special operations training group and worked to develop FET female engagement teams and female LEP law enforcement professionals working in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shelly Williams was the lead instructor for both programs during pre-deployment training. Shelly Williams has taught HBPR&A both CONUS and OCONUS to thousands of US Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines as well as numerous Tier 1 operators, agencies and specialized coalition forces.

Shelly is a veteran, decorated Law Enforcement Officer with experience on the hardest streets of Michigan and Colorado. Shelly worked as a member of gang, organized crime and drug task forces with Federal Agencies. Shelly was an undercover narcotics officer. Shelly Williams has taught every level of instruction from basic to being the Lead Instructor of Internal T3 (train the trainer) courses. Shelly Williams is a subject matter expert in human terrain during counterterrorism and irregular warfare operations as well as a recognized expert in HBPR&A as it pertains to counter-IED, counter-sniper and Insider Threat detection training and education. Shelly maintains a DoD top secret security clearance.